Playing Craps

The learning curve on craps is a little steeper and longer than other table games in an online casino. However it is worth learning to play correctly as the house edge on many of the bets is very low. The two most common bets on the dice table are the come bet and the don't come bet. They are both made at different times before the shooter makes a come out roll. When this bet is made as a come bet, the point is made if the shooter rolls any number but two, three, twelve, seven or eleven. The bet will become a winning bet if the number is rolled again before a seven is rolled. If the two, three or twelve is rolled the come bet is lost and the don't come bet is won. If seven or eleven are rolled the come bet is a winner and the don't come bet is a loser. If one of the other numbers is rolled, on a come bet the dice player can take the house odds on this bet. If it rolls again before the dreaded seven, the bet is won and the house odds are paid on the behind the line bet. The same type of scenario is in play on the don't come bet except the better has to give the house odds on the behind the line bet.

The reason you would make either one of these bets in preference to the other would depend on the trend of the dice table. If the numbers are rolling the come side is the place to bet. If the dreaded seven keeps interrupting the flow of numbers, the don't come bet is the one to make. Taking or giving the odds is the way to reduce the house edge on Craps. If these are the only bets a player makes, they will be playing craps with as little house edge as it is possible to achieve.

The following bets are not good bets on the dice table as they have a high house edge. You can win on them, but they are still poor wagers. The dice player should avoid them. Big six and big eight are bad bets as you can make a better bet by placing these numbers and getting odds instead of a straight win or lose bet with no odds like you get on the Big six and the Big eight bet. Field bets and hard way bets are very poor wagers as the odds against the bet are too high.

Of course on a hot dice table all of these bets can prove to be winners, but there are better bets that return more money if they are winners. The any crap bet, seven, eleven and twelve are normally bad wagers, except when you have a hunch. All of them pay odds, but not the correct odds.

Shooting dice is all about feel and trends and some players are better at this than others. If you are a lucky person with this sixth sense of what is going to happen before it does, then by all means take advantage of your rare gift. Most people have to play by making the best odds bet in order to win and only rarely do they have a winning hunch. Hunches are a funny thing though, the more you pay attention to them, the more accurate they become. Learning to make place bets and buying the four and the ten are the other group of bets that a player should use when shooting dice. Again the reason for making these bets is they have a low house edge. The Internet has some very good free articles on how to play dice the best way. Take the time and read up on this low house edge game.