Playing Blackjack

They are numerous articles on the Internet about how to play Blackjack. There are rules that should be observed most of the time, but there are always exceptions to any playing rule. The first tenant of Blackjack is let the dealer bust if she can. Do not hit a bust hand when the dealer is showing a bust card. You see this basic rule broken all of the time. Players that have never even looked at a good book on playing online Blackjack are guilty of this very uninformed play. The other rule is do not take insurance when the dealer shows a possible Blackjack. The payoff is unfair to the player and very much in favor of the house. It is even a worse bet when you have a Blackjack already. You already have insurance and you do not need any more, as you cannot lose the hand.

Taking double downs when the dealer has a break card showing is an automatic bet and should never be passed up. When the dealer has a face card showing, it depends on how the trend has been going before this hand. If the dealer is cold take the chance. If the dealer is hot let it pass and wait for a better double down situation.

Splitting small pairs is almost always a good idea as you can make a big hand if you get a card that adds to ten or eleven on one of the small cards. The hope is one of the small card hands will be a winner and you will at least break even on the hand. Most of the time a soft seventeen should be hit but there are situations where it may be wise to pass the hit. When the dealer shows a seventeen or has a break card showing are two exceptions to the rule that have merit depending on the trend of the game. Let the trend of the game dictate whether a rule should be followed or passed by.

Always try to play third base if you can or have a player who knows when to hit and when not to play the seat. A poor third base player has turned many a game of Blackjack in favor of the house. This is a maddening situation and if it continues leave the table. The house has an edge already and does not need help from stupid playing. Good players cringe when they see a third baseman take a hit and get the dealers break card. Some players have to hit any hand under seventeen for some deep-seated reason that defies logic. They do not understand that the dealer breaking the hand is as good as having the winning hand in the game. Players can come unglued when a small better does this and causes the big better to lose their bet. For all of these reasons try to get that seat yourself.

When playing multiple hands like three at a time or so, let bad hitting hands ride and hope that your stronger hands will cover the loss or the dealer breaks. Every now and again a dealer will go stone cold and could not make a hand if the world depended on it. If you are fortunate enough to find yourself in that situation immediately increase the size of your bets. This gaming opportunity happens from time to time and should not be allowed to pass without taking advantage of the dealer's cold spell. Every one who has gambles has been seated with a hot dealer and was forced to try and weather the storm. A cold dealer is like money in the bank.