Casino Table Games

Casino table games are the games that most players are happy to play in addition the slot selections. Blackjack is the all time favorite and has been since the first casino went online. The basic reason is the learning curve for blackjack is very easy and most players can learn the basics in one session of play. Solid play of the game Blackjack is easy to learn as there are numerous sites on the Internet that have very good articles on how to play the game so that the house edge is kept to a minimum. The worst bet in Blackjack is to take insurance when the house may have a possible Blackjack.

Craps has been a long time favorite of high rollers and those who know how to use the odds bets to their advantage. The house edge in Craps can be kept to the lowest level of any gambling game offered in any casino. The reason more people do not play is that the learning curve is much steeper than Blackjack. Also the game is played at a very fast pace that intimidates some players and they are reluctant to take the plunge and learn how to play. That is a shame as this table game has the best odds of any game in the casino except Blackjack for a card counter.

Roulette has been a popular game for players since its invention and is shown in movies all of the time as it has a very glamorous image. Well-dressed players at an elegant setting make for a good movie scene. The two things that players should be aware of are they should learn more about the betting odds of the game and how to structure multiple bets. The other fact that needs to be mentioned is there is no method of playing roulette that will insure a winning session. Thousands of man-hours have been spent trying to devise such a method and even though the Internet is filled with people selling a system, the winning system does not exist. Do not waste your money on a roulette system. Spend your time learning the many bets that can be made in the game and then follow your hunches with a modest stake that you are willing to risk.

Baccarat is the one game that many casinos are very leery of as it is the game of high rollers and can put a world of hurt on a casinos quarterly profits. Once a baccarat shoe has been shuffled and set, there is nothing the casino can do about the run of the cards. A shoe that has long runs on either the bank side or the players side allows a strong player to use the run to make many parlay bets and put a string of winning bets together. Casinos have learned with some chagrin that this game can be a source of great wins for the visiting high rollers and they have to offer the game to attract the high rollers to their games. Very wealthy players have leaned that this game has a low house edge and is streaky and therefore beatable in a given playing session. Unlike Blackjack, the shoe is not changeable after it has been shuffled and set up for dealing. Do not hesitate to play in the Baccarat room in any casino as often the minimum bet is very small and well within the reach of many players.

Pai Gow Poker is a very good game for the small better as it is a slow game and there are many tie hands dealt which keeps losses from growing at a rapid pace.The way to beat the game is take advantage of being able to be the banker for a hand. It is a good game to take a break and have a drink.