Online Tournaments

Online tournaments are being offered by many online casinos in gaming areas like slots, bingo, poker and Blackjack. All of these tournaments are designed to do one thing and that is to attract players to the online casino.

Many of them have very modest entry fees and the prize is substantial when compared with the entry fee. Satellite tournaments in poker are an amazing source for winners of TV poker tournaments. You see small entry fees like $25 that allowed the winning satellite player to win over a million dollars in the main poker tournament. That is a huge return on invested money and it happens all of the time in all manner of tournaments that use other gaming vehicles.

These online tournaments give a small better a chance to score a big win for little risk. Each player should be registered so they will be notified about upcoming tournaments. The best online casinos offer very good tournaments that are well run and give significant prizes away.

Slot tournaments are extremely popular and seem to draw many players to the online casino. The other factor is they are also usually of short duration and will not take up all of your gambling time in order to get to the end of the pay in each session or round. Some have qualifying rounds and others go straight for the winner in order to get the session over so the players can get on with the normal gaming that the site really wants them to be playing. There are many variations of these tournaments and each site has its own set of rules about how their tournament will be run. The point for the player is the prizes are very good bets considering what you have to invest in order to play.

Blackjack tournaments are very popular with players and there are many of them in every year. Some use satellites to qualify players for the main tournament and others just invite all to come and play. There is a high degree of strategy in these tournaments as it is about using your analysis as much as it is about winning the most money to win.

Poker tournaments have become an every day event on poker sites and in fact some of the best poker sites have several tournaments a day and also have many freerolls where the player can win money without any entry fee. The poker tournaments are won by a combination of good playing and getting lucky on a hand at the right time. Without a doubt a good player can advance through the tournament with good play, but that alone will not guarantee a win. You need to get lucky on some hands and you need starting hands that give a real shot at winning the pot that is in play. Tournaments in poker take a different attitude than what you see in a cash game. Stack protection and aggressive play are both in play all the time. These are at odds with each other, but the good player knows when to do both. As the song says, you gotta know when to Holdem and when to Foldem. There is no doubt that tournament play is a skill game in poker or you would not see the same faces at final tables as often as you do. But that is the end of the skill part as luck will still be a factor on who wins the tournament.The poker tournaments are offered more often than any other gaming tournament. If you like poker and tournament play, you can get your fill of both on most good poker sites.