Playing Tournament Poker Online

Online poker has become a worldwide craze. Its popularity shows in the number of online poker casino that have been established on the Internet and the number of players in the WSOP and the WPT. Online tournaments are held every day on the Internet and big prize tournaments are held on TV and in many venues around the world.

Online a player can play in ring games or tournaments every day of the week. The ring games consist of a variety of games, which include Holdem, Omaha Hi Low and Seven Card Stud. These three are the most popular poker games held at online casinos. Some casinos offer Razz and other less popular games.

Holdem tournaments are held daily on most sites and there is a large range of entry fees that a player can choose between. The entry fee in some cases determines what the prize money will be and in other contest, the prize money is guaranteed no matter the number of players in the tournament. On the weekend many of the poker sites offer six figure tournaments that attract a large number of players.

The ring games are set at many playing limits and the more players that visit the site, the better the choices of games. In fact this is one of the ways that a player can choose between poker sites. It is wise to play on sites that have a large pool of players as the games are likely to be full games and will hold up for continuing play. Almost all sites offer free games for players that want to learn to play and do not want to risk money while they learn. These games have free chips that have no monetary value. The real money games are the games where money is at risk and a player can play in a limit that suits their bankroll. A way to learn to play poker is to read a few good books and then practice in the free money games. When you start out in the real money games, the lower limit games should be the starting games. Of course bankroll is a factor in game choice. Poker is a game that is easy to learn and takes a lifetime to master.

The difference between ring games and tournament games is like night is to day. When you loose your stack in a ring game, you can rebuy and continue. When this happens in a tournament you are finished in that tournament. For this reason all-in bets are filled with fear and are used as a serious weapon in the game.

Online players are prone to more all-in bets than old school live game players. Game skill is still a premium and players with higher skill levels seem to show up at the final more often than luck would dictate. Knowing when to Holdem and when to Foldem is still a factor of experience and feel. Players with conservative reputations are infrequent bluffers and usually have a hand when they get involved in a pot. Yet the great conservative players have been seen to bluff on TV. Poker is a game of deception and trapping the other player. Playing weak when you are really strong and the opposite are a big part of the game. Remember telling lies is legal in poker and is to be expected from good players. Learning to play in tournaments takes experience and time to master. The skill needed to be a good tournament player are different than those needed to win in a cash game. Tournament poker gives people with a small stake a chance to win big prizes.