Rules For Wtihdrawals

Rules for taking money out of an online casino account vary depending on the casino and the type of casino it is. Regular casinos have very easy rules to follow as long as the player has met the identification requirements. There is a difference between casinos and in some cases the rules are a little too strict. The casinos claim they are doing this to prevent fraud. It is more likely that they know if you have money in the account you are more likely to gamble.

Bingo casinos are very strict about taking money out of the account and in some cases it borders on being unfair to the player. For this reason, read the rules before you become involved with any online casino. When you are ready to get your money out of the account is not the time to become aware of the rules.

If you do not understand the rules ask questions of the casino staff. Unless you are satisfied do not use the casino. This can be a frustrating area of contention between the player and the casino. The biggest area of misunderstanding is the rules that have to do with bonus money earned on deposits. Most casinos have play through rules before this money can be released. In some cases it is outrageous and can never be reached. In well run casinos, the play through rules are reasonable and will allow the active player a chance to get the bonus money released. Make sure you understand these rules, as this will prevent arguments between a player and the casino. Also make sure the ways to make the withdrawals are within your means. You should be aware of any restrictions as to amount or the number of withdrawals that can be made in a period of time. All of these restrictions are designed to keep the money in the account so the player will continue to play. If you have a sizeable win, make sure you talk to the casino about release of funds. Do not leave the money in the account for an extended period of time, as that in the long run is not in your best interest. Quick withdrawals can be made via Neteller and Click2Pay if you are not a US player. Wire transfers are always a fast way to get your money, but the casinos charge for this method.

Credit cards in the US are not available for withdrawals. Checks delivered by express mail are the most efficient for most players. In England some casinos have a live business too and you can just walk in and make your withdrawal. These are usually sports book operations.

Checkout all of the methods for withdrawal and see if there is one that you can live with. One way that is not fast but carries a small fee is to have the casino mail you a check. This will take a lot longer to get the money, but the fee is usually the smallest for all of the withdrawal methods.

Loyalty point bonuses may have very strict rules about getting to the money and may not even be able to be withdrawn. This is an area that a player should read up on when reading the withdrawal rules. Another area that has rules is the amount of withdrawals that can be taken within any period of time. There are also limits as to the amount of a withdrawal. If you read the rules, then you will not get surprised when you are counting on getting to money that you have won.