Customer Support

Customer support at a well-run online casino is one of the surest ways to rate a casino and its operation. A solid well-run casino has an excellent customer support operation and staff. Customer support is the first contact that a customer has with the online casino. Thus contact can be by phone, email or in a modern online casino, by Live Chat. Phone or email is okay if you can make immediate contact for a problem that needs prompt attention. Live chat is very efficient and usually can resolve problems while the parties are in contact with each other. Being able to talk or write to each other and get to the bottom of a concern the customer has with the online casino is very good for public relations and customer satisfaction. This takes a well-trained staff that handles the customer's questions and provides the right answer to the questions in a quick and accurate way. The staff that handles this position can improve the image of an online casino or destroy the casino's public image.

Poor customer support is the quickest way to lose a new or even an existing customer. A poorly trained staff can give the wrong answers or make the customer feel that the staff person is just trying to get rid of them and not really take care of the problem that caused the customer contact in the first place. Non-responses are the worst part of poor help when a customer is seeking support or answers to a question that is bothering them. Telling a customer that you will get back to them and then not following up in a timely manner is also a problem seen when the support is not up to stuff. This is the biggest gripe that online casino patrons report in reviews and surveys taken about online casinos.

Old online casinos that have not stayed up to date and not instituted Live Chat are missing the best opportunity they have to keep their customers happy next to letting them win. Good first impressions on new customers are always a must and the treatment of existing customers is a way that makes them feel valued and will keep them coming back. If is far better to keep the existing customers than losing them and then having to get two customers to replace the one lost and a new one to continue the casinos growth. Quick and correct answers are the best way to keep the customer support at a high level. Quality casinos do this all of the time, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This kind of support is easy to find on good online casinos and absolutely absent on poorly run casinos. If the casino lacks a good support program, you can bet they are cutting corners some where else and it could end up costing you time and money trying to get a casino caused problem resolved. This is one of the reasons that support is a good gage about how the casino runs its other features.

Support extends into the cashier section of all casinos and this area is critical to both casino and the customer. Problems with a customer account keep them from playing and in the end can cause them to abandon the casino. They will not come back once they have experienced a bad support situation. Deposits and withdrawals are the areas that need to work well or the customer can become impatient. A person's money is important to them and this area is close to both the casino and the customer. It should work without any hang-ups. This is the mark of a good casino that cares about its relations with the customer.