Security is a major concern for online casinos. They need to prevent any hacking attempt from being successful. They accomplish this by using really outstanding software and encryption that is sophisticated and basically unbreakable. Online casinos handle a great deal of money all of the time and this makes them a target for hackers that are just trying to create mischief or actually trying to steal money.

The software used on these sites is so strong, that the security has not been breeched by hackers and the accounts have not lost a dime to this kind of activity. Microgaming has an excellent reputation for being a great platform to run gaming programs on and also protecting the website. Having algorithms that are impeccable and extremely hard to hack or breech does this. Security web people also watch for computer attacks on the sites. The defense programs would rival those used by the most secretive government agencies. All of these methods look for attacks and then prevent them from happening.

Identity fraud is another big security concern. People steal other people identity and then use the stolen identity to get money out of credit cards, banks and other places the handle money for a client. This is one of the reasons that casinos are so cherry about a customer proving who they are before they will allow a withdrawal. The casinos make it very easy to make a deposit, but then turn on the screws when a customer is trying to get money out of the casino website. Fraud is not the only reason they make it hard to get money out. They know that customers with money in their account are more likely to gamble. The longer it takes to get money out, the more chances the casino has to see it in play before it leaves the account.

Another security problem is some players are lax about their passwords and players names. They do not keep this information safe and a thief could use it to play in the account or try to remove the money. If they can get a fake account open with someone else's identity then they can use that person good name to run up credit cards and rape bank accounts using the casino account. This does not happen all of the time, but it has happened and casinos try very hard to keep it from happening at all.

There have been instances of casino being attacked from the inside by members of the casino family. The worst cases had to do with cheating in big poker tournaments and being able to see the other player's cards when they bet. This was discovered and the players who were victims were supposedly made whole. The problem was this did not really compensate players who were cheated out of the chance to win a big cash prize. Vigilant players who saw unusual play in the tournaments discovered the dirty deed. They did an analysis of the played hands and proved something was a foot. This just shows you how smart poker players are who play in tournaments. Online casino with impeccable reputations do every thing they can to protect their players and the casino from crooks and cheats. The fall out from a cheating scandal can hurt a casino for a long time after it is put to rest. Players want to play at honest casinos that do not take advantage of them by cheating methods. This is another reason to play at casinos that have to toe the line to rigorous gaming enforcement like those found in England and Canada.