Online Poker

Online Poker has grown substantially since it first came online. There are now online sites that are only poker and there are others that are full-scale casinos with a poker room for players who like to do both types of gaming.

The growth of poker can be attributed to the online casinos and the number of TV shows that are built around tournament play. Now there is even a show that is about high stakes cash poker. Players from online casinos are seen in TV tournaments all the time and many are barely of legal playing age.

Online casinos that offer poker are smart as they offer games with many different limits so that no matter what the bankroll there are games for all players. This is smart; as players will stay away from a game that has a limit they do not feel comfortable playing. On the other hand high limit games are what poker is all about and allows a player to use all of the tools in the poker player's arsenal. Bluffing is an integral part of poker and it is hard to bluff in a low limit game, as the bet is not a punitive one if called and lost. In high limit games a bluff can succeed due to it being a large bet.

Most online poker rooms offer a variety of games that include Holdem, Omaha HiLow and Seven Card Stud. Some rooms will offer Razz and Five Card Stud. Almost all of them will deal tournaments throughout the week, with different buy-in levels. Some will offer guaranteed prizes no matter how many players are in the tournament while others will offer prizes based on the number of players that start a tournament. Some tournaments offer rebuys for a limited time in the tournament so that early knockouts get a second or third chance. The secret to tournament play is built up your stack early in the game so that you can play aggressively the last third of the tournament. The young Turks that play on the Internet are all about all-in bets that force other players to decide early if they want to risk being knocked out early. Aggressive play seems to win far more tournaments than conservative play.

Another factor of poker sites is many offer satellite play for bigger tournaments so that players can risk $100 dollars for a prize of going to the WSOP. This has also increased the number of younger players that show up in the big tournaments. Many people cannot risk $10,000, but they can risk a small amount to play in a satellite.

Holdem without a doubt is the current favorite game on all poker sites. Omaha Hi Low gets a lot of play but is a distant second in popularity. The other poker games are far down the list in popularity. Online poker is played much the same as a live game except you cannot read the other players like you can in a small game.

One area that definitely needs to be improved on all poker sites is the level of civility that is present. Verbal abuse that would never be allowed in live casino games goes unchecked in online games. Any online site should not tolerate this.

The tournament prize money online is in a steady growth curve and will probably continue as long as the new players keep coming aboard. The ring games are limited only by the game itself and the willingness of the players to gamble.

The world of online poker is well and growing in the online Internet world.