Playing Roulette

Roullete as we now call the game known, as the "Small Wheel was first played in 1796 in Paris. It became the game of choice in many gambling venues and has enjoyed a long stretch of years of popularity in both Europe and the United States. The California gold rush in the middle 1800s really got it going in gambling saloons of that long ago era. Some people refer to it as Satan's game since when you add up the 36 numbers on the wheel they come to 666.

The game of roulette is very easy to learn how to play and the only skill involved is placing your bets correctly on the table. There are numerous bets that a player can make before the little white ball is sent flying around the rim of the elegant wheel. The croupier always announces in a live casino when there is no more betting and in an online casino the betting just comes to a halt and you cannot make any more bets.

The betting types that a player can make include the following: even money bets can be made on the colors red or black, odd or even and first 18 numbers and the last 18 numbers. Other bets can be bet on are single numbers, a row of numbers, a column of numbers and patterns of numbers. Many roulette sites on the Internet have a card that can be downloaded to see all of the various odds that different winning bets pay. A good roulette player is aware of these different bets and uses them to cover groups of numbers in hopes of catching a multiple win spin. An easy example to follow is a bet on black, the first 18 numbers and odd. A player can miss all three bets or hit one to three of them on a single spin. This may not be the best bet that can be made, but it is a simple example of a multiple bet possibility. Many man-hours have been spent trying to come up with a sure win play. It does not exist as far as anybody knows. If such a bet were discovered, the roulette wheel would quickly become as extinct as the dodo bird.

There are betting systems that do have merit in that they seem to control losing to some extent. Systems that use conservative parlay systems or progressive betting have some merit as they take into account the odds of you hitting a winner within a short time frame. They all have a break point where you start over and do not let you keep pushing a losing streak. This starting the betting system over forces you to cut back when you are losing which is a smart way to play. Also the additional wagers when you are winning lets you push the winning streak, which is another good idea when gambling. This is the opposite of what most casino gamblers do when they are winning or losing. They push when losing and cut back when winning. That is not a logical play when you think about it. Pattern betting is another way that roulette players capture small trends in a roulette game. Then there is the just plain got a hunch bet a bunch type player. These plays are spectacular when they work, but they can add to a losing streak in a big way. Knowing when to push and when to lay low is what gambling is all about. Roulette is a game that allows for all of these plays and rewards the lucky few.