Video Poker Games

Video poker games have developed a terrific following in the world of online slot play. There are several reasons for this growing popularity. The biggest reason for this acceptance by the gaming public is the fact that the player gets to have input into the final result of each spin. Since they have to make selections that can affect the payout at the end of the game, players feel they are not just depending on luck to win. There is a thought process that needs to be used to play the game at its peak skill level. Regular slots depend on luck alone for a player to win. There is a skill level that needs to be learned and put into play to improve the chances of winning a video poker game. This active participation is the biggest factor in the growing popularity of these slot games. The active element also makes the games more fun to play and keeps the players interest at a higher level than playing regular slots.

There is any number of video poker games out now, but old standbys seem to hold on to the player's favorite game. Deuces Wild has been a favorite since it first was released for play. Another even older favorite is the original Jacks or Better. Another new feature in this slot type is the addition of progressive jackpots. Growing jackpots are attractive to players and bring more of them into play the game. A small wager that can have a life changing result causes this excitement and willingness to risk gaming money in these games.

Many online casinos have a large selection of Video Poker Games and they are constantly bringing out new games to keep the players interested in the games. The standbys will always get their share of play as they are well liked and players gravitate to games they like. Many non-slot players will play video poker and not play regular slots. The skill part of the game is the reason for the difference in player attitude. The extra bonus games have also added to the Video Poker craze. Players like to get more back when they win and these games seem to meet this player need.

The addition of large progressive jackpot video poker has taken an active interest in these games and increased the play. Larger jackpots are a standard way to increase player's willingness to take a shot at the game.

A couple of ideas that can help a player capture a Royal Flush are always draw for it when you do not have a good paying hand. Also when playing Deuces Wild draw to a single deuce and discard other high cards or keep the cards that could make a Royal Flush. Royal Flushes are usually made by drawing and do not show up whole by themselves.

Draw to pairs of Threes, Fours and Fives as these pay solid payouts when you get five of them on a payline. Always play the maximum number of paylines as this gives the best payouts. Decrease the coin credit per line if you want to make smaller bets. Study the payout schedule and play for the higher payoffs. This will increase your winnings when you have a lucky streak.

Set session loss limits before you play and stick to them. It is easy to lose more in a session of play than you were willing to lose when you set down to play. Set a time limit for play and stick to it whether you are winning or losing when the time is up. Again the discipline is important to keeping your self within limits.