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Take a Break From Poker

Such is this game we have the love – hate relationship with. Sometimes it just does a body good to get away from it all. Once when I was experiencing a bad run I decided to take the weekend off. I went to the Oregon Coast and spent the weekend beachcombing and doing the whole tourist thing. When I returned home I found that my game improved and the cards were definitely running better.

Some top players recommend scheduling time away from poker on a regular basis. Now, I haven’t been disciplined enough to do that but I do take time off now and then to travel. I work out regularly playing racquetball and running. I’m currently training for 5K runs during the upcoming running season. I also enjoy riding motorcycles both on the road (Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide) and off road (Yamaha TTR 225). You see – I do have interests other than poker although poker does get more of my time than the others.

Try taking a little break when the cards just aren’t going your way. Do something else. Do something relaxing and fun. Spend time with your loved ones who you’ve neglected during long hours spent in the poker games. You may be surprised how much good it does your body, your mind and your poker game.