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Three Card Poker

Three Card PokerThe rulers of the game are simply. There is a dealer and a player and the dealer deals three cards each from the normal 52 card set. As mentioned before, the game consists of ante-raise and pair plus. In the case of ante-raise, the objective is to get a higher three card poker hand than the dealer. In case of the pair plus game the objective is to bet whether you will get a three card poker hand with any pair or a better combination.

The player can place a bet on either one or both the games on any amount that is within the table limit. The rules of the game, as mentioned before are very simple. Three cards to dealt to the player and the dealer from a single deck of cards. The dealer cards are face down. The winnings are based on pair plus on the table located. After each hand the dealer reshuffles the cards. The cards are ranked from 2-10 and then the jack, queen, king and ace. 2 is ranked the lowest and ace is ranked the highest.

After the ante wager is placed, the player receives 3 cards facing up while the dealer gets three cards facing down. If the player does not think that he can beat the dealer, then folds the hand and the wager amount is lost. However if the player believes that his hand can beat the dealer’s, the player raises the wager to the ante amount. The dealer then reveals his cards and the winner will be the one with the highest poker hand.

You can refer to the websites that explain to you in great detail as to what combinations will give you the highest points.